Jul 7, 2021, Healthium Medtech has entered into an agreement to acquire VitalCare to expand its urology franchise in Europe and other developed markets.

Healthium Medtech based at Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. “Healthium MedTech provide ranges of products to support surgical needs, including advanced surgery, consumables and minimally invasive solutions.” Healthium has a diverse portfolio of medical devices and consumables, which includes surgical sutures, needles, a patented arthroscopy portfolio, urology portfolio, hernia meshes, haemostats, gloves, ligation clips, surgical staplers and other wound closure devices. The Company holds 60 patents in India and U.S (including those under process).

Acquirer’s Website: healthiummedtech.com

VitalCare based at Effingham, Surrey, United Kingdom. “Vitalcare are a leading healthcare products manufacturer of continence care products from its state of the art production facility in Nanjing, China.” VitalCare is a manufacturer of urology consumable care products, with relationships with healthcare customers worldwide.

Acquirer’s Website: www.vitalcare.co.uk/

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