On Jul 20, 2021 a sensory data US startup Aromyx closed a Series A round and raised $10,000,000 from Capital Energy, Merus Capital, Rabobank Food & Agri Innovation Fund, Radicle Growth, Sozo Ventures, Ulu Ventures, featuring lead investors Rabobank Food & Agri Innovation Fund, Sozo Ventures.

About the company: Aromyx is located Mountain View, CA, United States, North America. Aromyx creates sensing technology that digitizes and quantifies information from the human nose and tongue receptors. “Through our sensor products, human receptors respond to a given odor or flavor sample and then relay information about its quality—such as whether it’s pleasant, contaminated or toxic. Our algorithms measure and quantitatively represent the raw data in the form of digital signatures. These signatures are uploaded into a central scent cloud, which resembles a comprehensive library of the brain’s own smell and taste associations.”

Aromyx declares it has created the largest database of human receptors, ingredients/chemicals and real-world word descriptions. Companies developing new food and beverages can test their products and ingredients with these electronic receptors to understand how a person would perceive that product.

Company website: www.aromyx.com

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