On Jul 14, 2021 Kriya Therapeutics closed a Series B round and raised $100,000,000 from Alumni Ventures Group, Amplo, Bluebird Ventures, CAM Capital, Dexcel Pharma, Foresite Capital, Hongkou, JDRF T1D Fund, Narya Capital, Patient Square Capital, QVT Financial, Transhuman Capital, Woodline Partners, round led by Patient Square Capital.

About the company: Kriya Therapeutics is located in Redwood City, Silicon Valley, California, United States “Kriya is focused on developing gene therapies for diseases affecting millions of patients, expanding the field of gene therapy beyond rare monogenic disorders. Kriya is targeting diseases where the underlying biology is well-understood, with the goal of rationally designing one-time gene therapies to durably express therapeutic proteins within the appropriate human tissues.”

Company website: kriyatherapeutics.com