Roquette Ventures, a French investment company that supports pioneering innovations in food, nutrition and health, has invested in Magellan Life Sciences Ltd, a British biotechnology company that develops plant-inspired proteins throughout the fermentation process. Announced. The seed round was led by Rocket Ventures and completed with investments from US-based SOSV and three European business angels. This partnership aims to accelerate the market entry of new protein sweeteners.

Magellan Life Sciences Ltd has developed a unique expression and fermentation platform for producing a new generation of protein sweeteners.

These protein sweeteners are promising proteins for the food and beverage industry. They taste almost the same as sucrose, which has a much higher sweetness. In addition, they have no unwanted aftertaste and are stable under a variety of thermal and chemical conditions. They provide negligible calories at the intended level of use while maintaining the sweetness profile required for use and formulation.

The current funding round will be used to optimize and scale up the protein sweetening manufacturing process.