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There are no unique ideas. Usually people make up the same good ideas at different places but at the same time. A good way to start your business or add something new to your own company is to track what other people do and pick the ideas you like.

Why do you need new ideas?

  • You work in a company and want to make your own startup in Healthcare industry. How to find an idea for it?
  • You are an investor looking for an early stage HealthTech startup to invest in a future unicorn. You can track the pre-seed and seed startups raised money (and who are potentially interesting for round A investments), see trends and find new opportunities for yourself.
  • You have your own business. Track new ideas to develop it or find new services to provide more services for your clients. Or find good opportunities for partnerships. Track new trends and markets, or even find new clients.
  • Want to make something big and new? Track trends among investors and startup communities.
  • You are a bootcamp/accelerator. Find new companies to join you.
  • You are a big corporation. Find new ideas to develop your products, companies to collaborate with. Find out new M&As to develop your business.
  • You are a scientist. Find startups and companies to join and develop new products for the world.

No more wasting time to find a good idea.

Everyday we gather information about new investments, M&As and events for you. Here we offer full information about the HealthTech sector and analyze the most interesting ones. You can be sure to get all the information you need and enjoy reading it.

  • Everyday we publish news about new investments, M&As and events. Use tags (early stage, seed, pre-seed, round A, round B and etc, vc, deals, M&A, event) to find what you need.
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The evergreen source of the new ideas.

We subscribe to movies and music so that there is something to watch or listen to at any time we need it. Ideas are no worse than movies, TV shows, or music. Even better — because you can make money on ideas.

You can read about new ideas every day or every week, or according to your mood — it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that there is always a place at hand from where you can immediately draw inspiration at the right time.

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